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Garden State Precast Obtains Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Garden State Precast has recently obtained our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for structural and Underground Precast Concrete Products. We want you, our customer to know that we are ready for the time when they are required in our area. Many areas of the country require these and it's only a matter of time until they are required here.

Reference: Snapshot from our EPD Report

Need to know:

EPDs are growing more popular as being required for Department of Transportation projects across the country. Growing concerns about sustainability and the impact of construction materials on the environment have prompted government entities to implement carbon-related standards. These new standards often require contractors to provide EPDs for the products used in projects. Because precast concrete is essential to the nation’s infrastructure, it’s critical that the industry is prepared to meet the requirements.

What is an EPD?:

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified document that discloses the life cycle of a product and its impact on the environment, including global warming potential, smog creation, ozone depletion, and water pollution.EPDs are often compared to nutrition labels for food, relaying the vital facts needed to evaluate the potential impact of using the product.

EPDs for precasters are “cradle to gate,” encompassing the product’s life-cycle from raw material extraction to transport to the facility to manufacturing. The data report stops when the product leaves the facility’s gate.

What are the different types of EPDs?:

Industrywide: Based on aggregated information provided by producers.

Facility-specific: Based on data from every product manufactured in one plant or group of plants owned by the same company in one geographic location.

Product-specific: Based solely on data from a product’s materials and manufacturing.

While industrywide EPDs have been applicable for precast in the past, jurisdictions are now requiring a Type III plant-specific EPD. Please note that our EPDs are plant-specific and only apply to our plant.

For further reading on the subject check out NPCA’s referenced website page.

Or you can call and speak to someone in our Engineering Department.



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