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Precast Concrete Specialty Infrastructure Projects

This category encompasses structural concrete that would normally be cast in place. Garden State Precast provides engineered solutions to help sites achieve cost and time savings by producing material in a controlled environment. The time of open excavation is reduced along with numerous other site costs that are eliminated. 

Review example projects listed below:

Custom Fabricated Three-Sided Culvert - Kearny, NJ


Solids/Floatables Screening Facility


(ACUA) Environmental Park PH I MSE BERM

Custom-fabricated three-sided culvert


Since November of 2022, Garden State Precast has been proud to work with Skanska USA on a custom-fabricated three-sided culvert in Kearny, New Jersey. The Portal North Extension project is part of a regional initiative to increase the number of trains on the Northeast Extension for Amtrak and NJ Transit. Incorporating the segmental retaining wall into the design of the culvert was a significant project constraint to work around. The complete setup of this project was test-fitted in Garden State Precast’s yard prior to delivery to ensure exact requirements.

Solids/Floatables Screening Facility

Garden State Precast project #: 17-42161



Project start date:  12-22-17

Project end date:  Aug 2018

Synopsys of Development:

Design-build of (2) Precast Netting Facilities, each 16’x16’x42’ id.

Technical challenges and project constraints: 

This project had the following constraints:

  • Designed as cast in place

  • Interconnecting 72” diam. Bypass piping and stop logs

  • Waterfront installation on Hudson River

  • Installation within a flooding cofferdam

  • Live Sewage flow unable to be bypass pumped

  • Small installation pad available

  • High Rise construction adjacent +/- 5’

  • Urban Setting with Heavy Congestion during working hours.

  • Partially designed civic park on top of units

Design, fabrication, and testing activities:


  • 11 piece segmental units

  • Design of lifting and rigging

  • Design provisions for civic park

  • Design for Barge Loading

  • Design for  truck transportation

  • Design of engineered backfill CSM

  • Design of post tensioning


  • Match casting entire 400 ton plus unit all together in GSP yard

  • Unit staging for disassembly

  • Coordination of rigging and spreader use

  • Application of sealing membrane.


Site Water tightness testing


(ACUA) Environmental Park PH I MSE BERM


Location: Egg Harbor, NJ

Project start date:  May 2019

Project end date:  March 2020

Synopsys of Development:

Design, fabrication and deployment of a special drainage channel. The channel is located on top of an MSE containment berm with the Atlantic County Landfill.

Technical challenges and project constraints: 

This project had the following constraints:

  • Channel geometry with curves and changes in elevation

  • Location on top of MSE berm

  • Provisions for future work

Design, fabrication, and testing activities:

  • Purchase of new formwork

  • Development of lifting and rigging plan

  • Thin wall construction to maintain legal shipment load characteristics

  • Plan and Hardware for rolling product 180 degrees after production


  • Traffic Loading

  • Joint Design

  • Layout to match proposed location

  • Design of radius curve sections to avoid large number of unique pieces


  • All units were poured inverted and required 180 rolling after production

  • Curved pieces required special tapers to allow for proper demolding

  • Purchase of curved formwork.

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