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Pump Stations

Production and deployment of sanitary and storm pump stations. These stations help convey waste or storm water until gravity discharge can be achieved. They are manufactured mainly in round and rectangular configurations. Garden State Precast can produce odd sized material to fit most any site.

Ocean County Landfill Project

Garden State Precast Project # 18-45962


Location: Manchester, NJ

Project start date: 10-12-2018

Project end date: NOVEMBER 2021

Synopsys of Development: Design and manufacturing of special dual wall pump stations with leak detection for Leachate containment.

Technical challenges and project constraints:

  • Designed as cast in place

  • Dual wall system required one manhole to be installed inside of a larger manhole

  • Unusual Project design loads due to configuration

  • HDPE Liner System required for inner manhole

  • Cementious Liner system required for external manhole

  • Tighter than usual production tolerances due to the encapsulation of one manhole by another

  • Large Size units

Design, fabrication, and testing activities:


  • During design it was impossible to determine exact elevations due to the subsidence of the landfill

  • Design decision to core unit in place for all openings

  • Dual Cavity unit


  • Test fitting of all units at size

  • Coordination of rigging and spreader use due to liners

  • GSP field welding of internal section liner seams in field

  • Holiday testing of GSP welded seams

  • Application of sealing membrane.


  • Installation of “sniffer” probe between manhole sections.

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