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Garden State Precast Awarded Top 10 Precast Concrete Companies 2023

Article reposted from Construction Business Review.

Expediting Construction Processes with Precast Concrete

Using precast concrete structures for on-field construction is gaining popularity due to its immense benefits. Garden State Precast accentuates the advantages of precast concrete to accelerate the construction process and deliver cost-effective outcomes.

Garden State Precast’s journey began when it started as a business in construction commodity products, whose success led to its shift to specialty concrete products. It takes a time-saving approach to precast concrete in the facility and then export the product to be installed on- site. It offers a complete range of concrete products built under the specification provided by the clients. The top-notch services include manufacturing concrete products, box culvert projects, specialty infrastructure, utility vaults, sanitary and storm structures, trench drains, manholes and concrete electric utilities. Fifty percent of the products leaving Garden State Precast’s plant are custom-designed, an added star for customer satisfaction.

"The combined work of expert engineers and sales staff with years of industry- specific experience has led them to be an excellent guide in the making of fault-less products."

Garden State Precast kickstarts every project with open conversations about the planning, methods, and budget with a client. A team of licensed engineers follows up to sketch multiple designs, which are approved per client preferences.

All of Garden State Precast’s products are manufactured under the controlled condition of its National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)-approved plant, ensuring quality without compromise. These products are best known to meet and exceed industry quality standards set by NPCA, ACI, ASTM, and AASHTO.

The quality control (QC) department at Garden State Precast adheres to rigorous quality procedures. Some of them include control over fabrication, concrete patching, and repair. The QC department is the flag-bearer of customer satisfaction and ensures no product leaves the plant if it is not the best quality. The product is developed under the client’s constant guidance to avoid any future issues.

Garden State Precast uses Titan II Precast, an online precast management system for pre- and post-inspection of the product. The QC-equipped module in the system is used as a teaching tool for crew members to identify the working areas for improvement. This area is then trained for a higher level of quality execution.

With contractors facing shortage of skilled employees in the construction space, the Garden State Precast method to deliver a precast product provides immense relief. It requires less manpower than on-site construction, as the work is reduced to just transportation and installation. In addition, clients can reject an unacceptable product on the site. If the product is already poured in-field, it provides an alternative of less payment, making precast concrete a better option.

Behind Garden State Precast’s immense precision are its expert team and cutting-edge manufacturing tools. The combined work of expert engineers and sales staff with years of industry-specific experience makes them excellent guides in making faultless products. Its products are constructed, transported, and installed hassle-free with the help of overhead cranes, cutting the time of construction by half.

Ensuring the best working conditions is of utmost importance for Garden State Precast. It has a uniform insurance module for its officers, owners, and employees to streamline equality in the workplace. Giving equal importance to safety, it regularly goes under volunteer inspection from different safety organizations and insurance companies. Recently, it celebrated the completion of 500,000 work hours without a loss time accident.

Garden State Precast is well-known for building large structures in multiple sections. A case in point illustrating its services is when it helped a client build a utility box in seven parts after working on it for almost a year. Constructing the product in smaller parts and assembling it prevented the client from digging a huge hole in place and helped avoid the pour-in method.

The perfect blend of industry experts, construction tools, and constant quality inspection enables Garden State Precast to be the best precast concrete solution provider clients can rely on.

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