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Industry Leader for over 20 Years

Garden State Precast is located in Wall, New Jersey and supplies utility contractors in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland with manholes, lift stations, catch basins, utility vaults, electrical junction boxes, box culverts, headwalls, water control structures and water filtration ECPO systems for NJDOT, municipal, commercial and private development.

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Concrete Products

We are a precast concrete plant that offers a complete range of concrete products built to your specifications. A combination of proven engineering and manufacturing skills bring all of your precast concrete needs to reality-on specification...all the time. We know what hard work and deadlines mean to our industry and would be happy to quote your next project. Give us a call.


Box Culvert Projects

With our use of Western Form panels, as well as EFCO forms, we have the ability to produce custom precast Box Culverts the competition just cannot. Give us a call and we will gladly get to work helping you on your next project.

This category encompasses structural concrete that would normally be cast in place. Garden State Precast provides engineered solutions to help sites achieve cost and time savings by producing material in a controlled environment. The time of open excavation is reduced along with numerous other site costs that are eliminated.

Specialty Infrastructure


Speciality Block Walls

There are Stone Strong blocks. Then there’s everything else. With the biggest, best and most innovative precast block in the industry, Stone Strong Systems delivers fully and intelligently engineered retaining wall solutions that greatly reduce installation time and labor costs — with unmatched safety, durability and aesthetics. 

Quality approach

At Garden State Precast our goal is to produce the best quality precast products which are specified for use in a wide range of applications. The precast manufactured at our facility can be seen in use by various agencies such as the NJDOT, NJTA, PANYNJ, PennDOT, as well as many others.

Our products will meet and exceed required NPCA, ACI, ASTM and AASHTO quality standards while always striving for continuous improvement. Quality is not something we take lightly at our plant. We like to think of quality as a state of mind rather than a standard.

Garden State Precast takes pride in being NPCA certified. This certification has required consistent hard-work in following their rigorous audit.

Our QC department goes through a wide range of processes to facilitate quality. Some of the operations include control over fabrication, concrete, patching, and repair. We look at our QC team as representatives of the customers, making sure we create each product as if it is being purchased by ourselves. With the responsibility of being the last department to see products before shipment, each product is sure to meet the highest standard of excellence before exiting the plant.

We make sure to utilize all tools available to us to better our quality of work. We use Titan II Precast, an online Precast Management system, which is equipped with a QC module where we can perform pre and post inspections. We use these inspections as teaching tools for our crews outside to identify working areas that may need improvement. We can then train these areas for a higher level of execution and better quality of work. Titan has also helped us implement the use of our barcoding system, where each structure has a barcode to make us more efficient for yarding and shipping.

Another tool we use are enhanced takeoffs, which gives our crews a more visual look pre-construction. These layouts are more user friendly and help us execute the jobs in a more efficient way.

Our QC team is always looking for ways to improve. Whether it is new technology, procedures, methods, or standards, we are always getting better.


Our preferred vendors

We believe each vendor is a long term partnership


Company Awards

NPCA 2023 Top 25 Certified Plant

Two years in a row.






NPCA 2021 Gold Safety Award

120,000 Hours in recognition for achieving exemplary record of plant safety.

NPCA 2021 Best Practices Award

First Place for helping develop a QC app with Titan Management Systems.


Excellence in Safety 2020 - 2021

Presented by ICW Group Insurance Companies and True Associates Insurance and Safety
Top company amongst the nation in precast companies who have excelled in their safety procedures over the last few years.

NPCA 2020 Quality Merit Award 

Top 7% Precast Company in quality.

NPCA 2020 Silver Safety Award

120,000 Hours in recognition for achieving exemplary record of plant safety.

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