Garden State Precast introduces the Stone Strong retaining wall system to New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Stone Strong System is the first true gravity wall system to be designed for the retaining wall industry. This system is becoming the new standard for the precast retaining wall industry. Stone Strong Systems offer many advantages over other retaining wall systems, many geogrid requirements can be eliminated, and their blocks benefit the owner with an economical, proportional, and esthetically pleasing wall.

Stone Strong Systems allows efficient use of contractor's equipment and reduces labor needed to assemble small block retaining walls.

The main block has a face of 24 square foot (8' wide x 3' tall x 44" deep). Smaller blocks are produced to complete wall or turn a sharper radius. Various corner, end, and double faced blocks are also available.

The product can be inspected at the Garden State Precast yard, located in Farmingdale, New Jersey.