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Garden State Precast is a precast plant that offers a complete range of concrete products built to your specifications. We have been producing top of the line products since purchasing the plant from Duncan Thecker Precast on November 3rd, 1999. While Garden State Precast has been in business for almost two decades, the knowledge has been accumulating since the 1960’s, when owners Kirby O’Malley, Dan Morris, and Gene O’Malley attended college. Kirby O'Malley is a graduate of West Virginia Institute of Technology where he earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. His professional career began with InterPace in 1970 as a project engineer. He has also worked for CSR Hydro Conduit and most recently was Vice President of Operations for Duncan Thecker Precast. Kirby and his wife Ann live in Cedar Point, NC. In their free time Kirby and Ann are highly involved in their local church. Kirby also enjoys helping coach a youth basketball team.

Dan Morris attended Newark College of Engineering while beginning his career with InterPace Corporation in 1966 as a Production Control Manager in East Brunswick, NJ. Dan has worked for the Cretex Companies, Hydro Conduit and Kerr Concrete Pipe. Dan most recently held the position of sales manager for DTP. Dan and his wife Marybeth live in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Gene O'Malley attended Morris Harvey College before starting his career with InterPace Corporation in East Brunswick in 1970 as a Quality Control Technician. Gene also worked for Cretex Corporation before an eighteen-year career with New Jersey Concrete Pipe Company. Gene served as General Manager. Gene and his wife Susan live in Manasquan, NJ.

The backgrounds of the three owners have built up the necessary experience and knowledge that has helped Garden State Precast become as successful as it is today. Within the first two years of Garden State Precast, the O’Malley’s and Morris had tripled production. The goals they had set had soon been reached, which proved there were no limits for a company like this. Soon enough Garden State Precast moved from commodity products to custom structures, where now more than 50% of what leaves the plant is custom. Creating custom structures comes with more responsibility. Each structure is completely customized to what is needed for the customer. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we guarantee each structure leaves the plant ready to please.

Not only do we guarantee customer satisfaction, we guarantee employee satisfaction. Here at Garden State Precast, we ensure our employees know they are a part of a community. Plant Manager, Michael Vergona, will go out of his way to put the employees and the needs of their families first. Dan Morris, plant Vice President, says, “I think Mike is one of the best guys at running a crew that I’ve ever been around. He treats it like a family, but he keeps them in line too. That’s a unique quality.” By being more of a leader than a boss Michael creates a bond with his workers that ensures respect and hard-work from both ends of the relationship. Our Vice President of Manufacturing, Ayaz Ahmed, is sure to keep our workers motivated with encouragement and by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

As a result of our hard-work and emphasis on quality, we have become a NPCA certified plant, which we are extremely proud of. Not only are we a certified plant, GSP President, Kirby O’Malley, served as chairman on the Board of Directors in 2010 and currently serves as Chairman of NPCA Foundation Board. In this position he works with the education foundation to give scholarships to students and work with colleges. Working with programs such as the Concrete Industry Management program enables graduates to receive experience that will help them succeed in Construction Management and other similar careers in the concrete industry.

In a field where industry standards change on a regular basis, Garden State Precast will always ensure the quality of our products are exceeding the necessary requirements before exiting our plant. With experienced owners, strong management, and safe workers, we can guarantee satisfaction.

Garden State Precast
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